Aron Davies was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania. He was actively involved at Lehigh Valley Baptist Church with his family throughout his growing up years. However, it wasn’t until his sophomore year of college at Kutztown University that Aron finally surrendered himself to the Lord in salvation. He majored in Secondary Education and History, earning his Bachelors in May of 2006.


Aron accepted a position at Odenton Christian School in the fall of 2006, working as the high school history teacher, Athletic Director, Soccer Coach, and volunteering in the Extended Hours program. In June of 2007, Aron married his sweetheart, Deanna, and they began their lives together by assisting in the Youth Department of OBC, as well as working at the school.  A few changes transpired in 2009, with a need opening up in the maintenance department and the music ministry of Odenton Baptist Church, which he gladly filled, as well as continuing to juggle his other responsibilities.


God brought along someone in 2010 to relieve the load in the area of maintenance, and in 2011 Aron was asked to step into the role of Principal at OCS. He faithfully served in that capacity, while pursuing his Masters in Christian School Administration, until the year 2015, when God clearly called him to serve under Pastor Dave Martin at Lighthouse Baptist Academy as the Administrator.

Mrs. Deanna Davies and their daughters

Meredith, Mikah, Moriah &  Madelyn

Mr. Aron Davies