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Elementary Class Information

A Quality Education from a Strong Christian Perspective

Kindergarten through sixth grade are some of the most important years of a child's life. Lighthouse's elementary school provides a quality education from a strong Christian perspective. Each student is expected to conduct himself according to the highest Christian standards of honesty, integrity, and responsibility toward his teachers and fellow students.

Classes are teacher-directed, and strong emphasis is placed on foundational skills in mathematics, reading, history, and language. Children are also involved in music. Spiritual growth is nurtured within each child during regular times of teaching about God's Word and through the integration of spiritual principles throughout the day.

A Well-Rounded Educational Experience

Lighthouse Baptist Academy provides an atmosphere in which students can achieve their highest potential mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It is the desire of the faculty and staff to provide each student with an abundance of encouragement and direction at this crucial time of their lives. A strong focus is placed on academics with emphasis given to core subjects of Bible, English, mathematics, history, and science. Opportunities to participate in music and interscholastic sports help in providing a well-rounded educational experience.



Lighthouse Baptist Academy | 2581 Northwestern Pike | Winchester, VA 22603 | 540-662-5590

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