Lighthouse Baptist Academy will be closed on Monday, March 4th


Although the current snow accumulations have not matched the forecast amounts, it is beginning to accumulate on the roads. There will also be more snow throughout the night along with dropping temperatures.  For these reasons coupled along side the busy and exhausting weekend our RTTC competitors have just experienced, we have decided to close school on Monday, March 4th.  Enjoy your day off & be praying for our upcoming revival services at Lighthouse Baptist Church this Sunday, March 10th through Wednesday, March 13th.




Normally, we follow the Frederick County plan of action for inclement weather, but not always is this expedient. While our school families live in different counties of Virginia, West Virginia, and sometimes Maryland, we cannot accommodate everyone's situation at the time a decision is made. If you believe that road conditions are too dangerous for travel, then the tardy or absence will be excused.


All closing and delay information will be posted in our Lighthouse Baptist Academy Facebook Group.


Special Announcement Phone Service:

To call the school and find out about a delay or closing, follow this procedure: Call the school line (540) 662-5590 (If you have called the daycare or the church office, you must transfer to the school line.) Press button "3" on your phone to listen to the special announcement.


When a 1 hour delay is called, school will begin at 9:00a.m.  Morning care will be available and will begin at 7:30a.m.  Regular charges will apply.


When a 2 hour delay is called, school will begin at 10:00a.m.  Morning care will not be available. Students may be dropped off beginning at 9:45a.m.


Lighthouse Baptist Academy | 2581 Northwestern Pike | Winchester, VA 22603 | 540-662-5590